Prepping Your House for Sale

Felicia Captain March 7, 2023

Prepping Your House for Sale

A guide to creating an amazing space
If you’re entering the real estate game, what can you do to give yourself a competitive advantage when you sell your home? Here are a few practical tips that will help you increase the number and quality of offers you receive for your beloved property. From accurate pricing and appealing upgrades to effective staging tactics, your home will be ready to turn heads on the housing scene.

Decide on a Competitive Asking Price

Your agent will run a Comparative Market Analysis to assess what similar homes in the area are going for. Since an appraiser will use this information to confirm that your home is selling for a fair market price, you’ll want to take this data into account when choosing a listing price for your home. Your agent will also help you consider how other factors, such as recent market trends and the number of available homes in your price range, will impact the listing price that you choose for your home. It’s essential to determine an accurate listing price that stands out competitively against other homes in the area.

Create Appeal for Buyers

Make a Few Minor Upgrades

Your local agent is in tune with what buyers are seeking along their house-hunting journeys, and they can provide suggestions as to which renovation projects tend to offer the best ROI. Many buyers are on the hunt for homes that offer upgraded kitchens and bathrooms with sleek finishes at every turn. Homes with greater energy efficiency may also experience a higher level of demand. Many sellers also choose to order a pre-listing inspection so that they aren’t surprised by any concerns that show up on the buyer’s inspection report.

Determine the Best Time to Sell

Buyer demand is usually highest during the late spring and early summer. The end of the school year and the return of tax refunds pair nicely with the arrival of warmer temperatures to create an ideal climate for shopping for homes. If you can enter the housing scene within this timeframe, you will be well-positioned for a quicker sale.

Develop a Marketing Plan

Effective marketing is absolutely essential, as you want to create a listing that stands out above all the rest. Your agent will have innovative marketing techniques up their sleeve. They will leverage social media and other digital marketing tools without sacrificing tried-and-true efforts, like putting a “for sale” sign in your front yard.

Stage Your Home

Effective home staging will improve the appearance of your listing images and enhance the experience that buyers have when they tour your home in person. Some sellers will outsource this responsibility to a professional home stager, while others will tackle home staging on their own. Here are a few steps to take when staging your home for success:

Depersonalize Your Home

It’s highly recommended that you remove any personal items from each space, such as family pictures and college diplomas. Leaving these items on display can create an awkward feeling for prospective buyers, as they may feel they are invading someone else’s space.

Clean Each Room

You want to ensure that the entire home is thoroughly cleaned from top to bottom and in every corner. Make sure that the windows are clear, the faucets and sinks sparkle and shine, and all surfaces are free of dust.

Improve Traffic Flow

In high-traffic areas, like the living and dining rooms, try to leave at least four feet of space between each piece of furniture and the wall. This will create an appearance of openness and space.

Hire a Professional Real Estate Agent

Teaming up with a skilled real estate agent will help you maximize your profits and simplify your selling experience. If you have more questions about selling a home or if you’re ready to get the process started, contact Felicia Captain for the guidance you can trust.

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